John Preston Is an Australian Poet who was born in Narrandera NSW 1983. John grew up having a love for words and writing. Dropping out of High School After year 10, John lefty home several times to go discover himself.

 In doing this John discovered the harsh realities of real life, It was in Queensland John had penned his first collection of verses.

Spending time in Sydney, various parts of Queensland, Melbourne and Canberra.

John eventually moved back to Griffith where he had met his future Wife they now have been married for 15 years.

John now resides on the NSW Central Coast with his Wife and Son, through darkness,

depression and drugs John has shaped his writing around three aspects of life.

Love, Light and Positivity.  Let John's words dig deep into your life and discover real poetry from a man who has walked the bad roads.




  " I want the dying embers of your love to

  Flare up and keep me warm in a cold world"


        J.M. Preston




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